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Born at a very young age and after twelve thrilling years of hospice billing, human resources, and healthcare business operations, I created Pfundamental Consulting to help startup and established businesses move from queasy to fighting fit. I have co-founded four hospice startups, and spent a lot of money, time reading, and writing a massive manuscript, to say I have a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and an MBA in Strategic Human Resource Management and Health Systems Management. At some point I’ll sleep, but until then I’ll continue to elevate myself and my clients. Call me and lets thrive together.

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Expert, 12 years

Human Resources

Expert, 12 years


Expert, 7 year

Multi-State Operations

Expert, 3 years



Awards can give you a tremendous amount of encouragement to keep getting better, no matter how young or old you are.

Volunteer @ Arizonans for Children
Certified Hospice, Home Health, and Private Duty Consultant
Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Administrator
Certified Professional in Human Resources
Certified Society for Human Resource Management Senior Certified Professional

Latest Blogs

Why Support Systems are Vital for Entrepreneurship Success

One of the most appealing factors of entrepreneurship is the independence it offers. You don’t need to rely on other people to get where you want to be and there’s no boss to report to. It is up to you to motivate yourself to grow and to learn new things—only you can seek out new...

Why Businesses Can’t Succeed Without a Clear Purpose

Consider this: you found an old table at an antique store. It has potential, but it definitely needs some work, so you decide to make it a DIY project. Now, let’s assume you have never completed such a project in the past. You don’t know what look you’re going for and the end result comes...

Why You Should Say “No” More

“No" is a rather frowned upon word in business—especially if you’re a new business owner or have recently started a job. So often we get in the habit of agreeing to everything and anything. After all, what if we turn down what ends up being an incredible opportunity or the thing that becomes our big...

Why Do We Fear Success?

Among even the most accomplished professionals, a nagging sense of anxiety can often undercut plans for the future. And while many have heard of the fear of failure that tends to plague even the greatest minds in business, politics, and the arts, the truth is that a fear of success can be just as pernicious...

Dealing With Conflict

Remember a few months ago when I wrote, “Nothing about building a business is perfect. It’s messy and stressful. Very few things will happen according to plan”? Well, one of the messiest and most stressful components of building a business, especially in its early stages, is conflict. It’s bound to happen, whether it be with...

Why Motivation is Overrated

Bold title, I know, but hear me out. We all have dreams and goals, no matter how small or big they may be. Many people think that what they need to get there is motivation and inspiration, and that’s fair. Our culture loves a good motivational quote or story. Sure, they can help, but they...

Perfection: An Impossible Goal and Dangerous Myth

Business consultant Chris Pfund tackles the topic of perfection and how it may just ruin your budding business.

Using Journaling to Cope

Have you ever suffered a feeling so strong it became difficult for you to think or to focus? An experience in hospice can often leave you feeling that way. There are many complex and new emotions that can arise during both long and short-term care, and even more when it comes to bereavement. For the...

The Power of Saying “I’m Sorry”

An ant can lift an object up to fifty times its weight. That fact helps us acknowledge that there is immense power in small things. The two words we say when we’ve done something wrong demonstrate that small but mighty power too. “I’m sorry.” Two—technically three—words that can spell the end or beginning of something....

Invest in Experiences

Reflecting back on your life, what do you wish you had done differently? For most older people, the answer is “I wish I worried less.” It’s simple to understand. There seems to be a million and one little things to worry about on any given day–let alone the bigger, continuous worries like financial independence, being...


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